The Hidden Learning Program
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What lies behind an A grade? What are the attitudes, behaviours and skills for learning that pupils develop, as they strive for academic outcomes? How can we look behind the fixed grades to where the growth mindset lies?

Not everything that counts can be counted, so Einstein said; but have you tried? Is it possible to observe, monitor and report on the hidden learning habits and character traits of students? We think it is. And it is possible to measure it in meaningful ways.

Every school offers a visible curriculum of knowledge, skills and understanding, shaped by the syllabus and the timetable. But there is also an invisible curriculum at work, every day, shaped by a school’s culture and ethos, and influenced by the daily interactions of the staff and pupils within it. Shedding light on the invisible learning performance of students will help them to raise the visible outcomes they achieve.

The Hidden Learning Program views development in school through three lenses:

The Hidden Learning Program Lenses

These lenses shed light on hidden learning performance by focusing on the following elements:

The Hidden Learning Program Performance Elements

We offer schools the following resources and documentation:

  • A unique observation and reporting program, that builds a learner profile for each student;
  • Downloadable planning grids and observation tools for teachers to monitor their students’ development;
  • Suggested teaching strategies that target specific attitudes, behaviours and skills for learning;
  • A bank of classroom resources and visual displays;
  • A suite of online and taught CPD courses for school leaders and teachers.
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